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Ready To Restore An Old Brick Building? What To Do To The Brick

Purchasing an old brick building that has to be restored can be a great investment, especially if you can improve the curb appeal. If you are wondering what the best way to improve the brick exterior of the building is, and how to go about doing it, there are some things you want to consider to get the results that you want. Look into these different options and call the professionals to get estimates to start working on the space.

Dustless Sandblasting

The dustless sandblasting on the brick can help to remove years of dirt and grime, and it will prep the bricks to have a new color of application. It doesn't matter if you want to paint the bricks a different color, or if you want someone to use mason paint on them to restore the natural color of the brick, the look will be great after the area has been prepped properly. Find a company that can do the prep work for you, and do the sandblasting.

Damage Restoration

If there are any areas where the bricks are cracked or damaged, get the areas fixed before you end up with a water or pest problem inside the building. You may already have these issues where the cracks and damages are, so you'll want to check those areas right away. Once all flaws are repaired you'll be ready to make changes to the area.

Paint and Seal

The masonry painting professionals will be able to paint or stain the brick. You can choose to get brick that looks like it was just freshly laid, or you can get a stylish vintage look that will make the building look like it has some character, but like it's been well maintained. This is going to increase the curb appeal and the value of the building substantially when it's been freshly painted and then sealed.

A lot of people love the look of an old brick building, and it can be a lot more visually pleasing than siding, so don't give up on the brick that you already have around your building. You'll want to talk with the experts to find out what different types of brick paint or stain you can use, which may totally change the look of your building, and then get the work done so all of your brick is protecting your building and looking great at the same time.