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Woodpeckers Can Be A Pest

When people hear the words "pest control" most of the time the image of bugs or rodents is going to come into their minds. However, there are many different types of pests that people have to deal with. You may end up having to deal with wildlife. One such animal that most do not consider a pest right off the bat is a woodpecker. These are beautiful birds, and at first you may welcome the site of a woodpecker. However, after awhile of the woodpecker doing what they do you may want to be rid of the bird. You can't just shoot the bird because they are protected. So, you are going to have to go through other steps to get rid of the woodpecker. Here are a few tips of getting rid of woodpeckers. 

Inspect The Home

If a woodpecker is continually pounding on your home it is likely that they are after something. Find where the woodpecker is hammering away and inspect the area. You are likely to find that the woodpecker is after some food. Woodpeckers are going to be after dead insects and bees. In order to get rid of the woodpecker you are first going to want to remove the food source that they are after. Clean the area really well, and make sure that the food source is completely gone. If you do this the likelihood of the woodpecker taking off for good goes way up.


You can go to the store and get suet which is made from cow fat. This is something that a woodpecker has a very hard time passing up. They will go to that very quickly over almost any type of food. If you find that the woodpecker still wants to hack at your home, you will want to hang a suet feeder. You will find these at stores that sell pet supplies. Make sure that when you hang the suet that you do so well above the ground because other critters are going to try to make it a food source as well. 

Hang Streamers

Something else that will keep a woodpecker away is a streamer of different kinds. Anything that makes noise or is really colorful will likely keep the woodpecker from coming to your home. The woodpecker will not like the flashy streamers, and they do not like the noise that a wind chime makes. If you can' get rid of the bird other ways, this is usually a sure fire way of getting rid of the woodpecker. 

When in doubt, calling in the professionals like Decorative Foam and Stone is always a good option.