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Bought A Home With Hideously Colored Radiator Covers? Strip & Paint Them!

Running into problems with wood shutter refinishing? If you've recently purchased a home with oddly colored radiator covers, you probably aren't sure what to do with them. Should you remove the covers from the radiators or paint the radiators with a color you prefer? Before you can make a decision, it's important to understand all that is involved. Here's what you need to know.

Radiator covers are safety features

Radiators can get very hot. So hot, in fact, that they can burn skin. Small, inquisitive children could easily get burned as they explore your home with uncovered radiators. Older, rambunctious children could accidentally touch a hot radiator while they play. If you like to host gatherings in your home, unknowing guests could bump into an uncovered radiator. Radiator covers provide somewhat of a cushion between human touch and a hot radiator. While some designs do diminish the heating effectiveness of radiators, the majority do not. Even so, safety against burns often takes precedence over efficiency.

Too many layers of paint can affect the efficiency

However, too many layers of paint can impact the efficiency of the radiators under the covers, especially if some of the paint layers are metallic. Metallic paints can reduce the heat transfer capabilities of the cover. Unless you have a detailed list of each time the radiators were painted by the previous homeowner(s), there's really no way to tell how many layers there are to contend with. Therefore, adding another layer is likely to reduce the efficiency of the radiator covers. Instead, you'll want to strip the paint first before repainting.

Some paint layers may contain lead

However, stripping the paint leads to another concern. Some of the layers of paint may contain lead. Exposure to lead can create a significant health risk to you and your family if you attempt to remove the paint yourself in the confines of your home. Therefore, hire a professional service to strip the paint from the radiator covers. The covers will be removed from your home and returned to you with no traces of paint.

If your radiator covers have grated sections for heat to move through, you may be wondering how all of the paint could be removed so you can apply a smooth coat of new paint. Don't worry. Paint stripping services use vats of chemicals to dip items into to remove the paint on them. All or nearly all traces of paint will be gone.