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4 Items You Will Have To Have Professionally Cleaned After A House Fire

No matter how small a fire may be, the impact on your living space can be devastating. While you are dealing with repairing and replacing what was destroyed about the house itself, you will also be facing a huge cleanup undertaking because the smell of smoke can travel all through the house and saturate what seems like every fiber of your belongings. While you may be able to wipe down your furniture and even clean up a lot of household items so they can be usable on your own, the same cannot be said for fabric items. Check out these four items you will probably have to have professionally cleaned because of smoke damage:

Curtains - The curtains you have hanging on your windows are easy to forget during the clean up after a house fire. However, these fabric items will have to be taken down and properly cleaned if you ever want to fully eliminate the smell of smoke from your home. Likewise, if you have fabric blinds or even plastic or metal blinds with fabric cords, they will have to be cleaned or replaced as well. 

Bedding - From the sheets and blankets to the pillows and bed skirt, all of your bedding will have to be cleaned, most likely by a professional, just to get rid of the odor. If your mattress had a cover on it during the fire, you may be able to salvage the mattress itself. However, if not, the mattress can be exceptionally difficult to get the smoke smell out of thoroughly, so it may have to be replaced. 

Towels - Towels are usually crafted from thick cotton fibers so they are absorbent enough to hold water, but this also means they can be really hard to clean when they smell like smoke after a fire. Towels, washcloths, dish towels, and other related home items should be taken to a professional for cleaning. 

Clothing - There's no doubt about it, you will not want to walk around smelling like a burnt house after your home has experienced a blaze. Even if the clothing was enclosed in your dresser drawers or closets when the fire occurred, they will likely still smell like smoke. Therefore, pretty much every article of clothing will have to be cleaned. In some cases, several wash cycles in your washing machine will help, but you will usually see better results by having the clothing professionally cleaned. 

Contact a company that can help you with your smoke damaged fabric for more information and assistance.