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How To Pick A Sanding Table

Sanding is one of the most important parts of your woodworking project. Whether you are building a dresser or a front door, it is absolutely necessary to have the wood sanded down. However, sanding can be a pain because of all the dust. If you are working in a shop you will surely have a great deal of cleanup after you sand. The best solution for your sanding woes could be a very simple one. If you have not looked at sanding tables, you should seriously consider the benefits of having one in your shop. Here are a few things to look for in a good sanding table.

Solid Base

A very important aspect of a good sanding table is a good solid base. If you are sanding and the table is continually shifting and is wobbling, then you will not be able to sand properly. If you want to get a good sanding table be sure that the base is completely level so there is no wobbling or shifting when you are sanding. Often the best tables will have a steel frame base. You also want to ensure that the base is positioned on flat ground.


The table top should be corrugated with holes to allow the dust to fall down into the table. This will allow for much easier clean up. The best type of table will be corrugated with holes, but will have a great deal of strength. The material simply needs to be strong enough to hold your sanding project. Look for a table top that is made of wood or steel. These materials allow for the corrugation and holes without diminishing the structural integrity of the table. There are plexiglass table tops that work nicely as well. You may want to test a few different materials. 


The table that you choose should have a vacuum access inside the table. The dust falling into the table is very nice, but what makes a sanding table is the vacuum. When you hook the vacuum up to the table, the dust will be sucked down into the table, and into the vacuum. This will significantly decrease the amount of dust in the shop, and it will reduce the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning up. Be sure that your sanding table has an enclosed box connected to the vacuum to make your sanding dust free.