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How To Remediate Mold On Drywall

Moisture on drywall can lead to the formation of mold. Of course, getting rid of mold is never a fun job, but it might be necessary. Whether your walls are moldy due to flooding, a pipe burst, or just poor circulation and damp conditions, you obviously want to solve the problem as soon as possible. Obviously, you want to fix mold on your drywall without having to replace any pieces. The sooner you spot and clean mold, the less likely you will have to invest in serious repairs to your drywall. Here are the best ways to rid drywall of mold and prevent further mold.

Cleaning Mold

If there is mold on your drywall, you should be able to clean it off without needing to worry about further repairs. However, if the drywall feels soft and soggy, you want to dry it out first. Renting an industrial high-heat space heater can help dry out an entire room in a matter of hours. This can restore the drywall and allow you to clean it without causing further damage. It is important that you never paint or clean drywall if it is already wet.

The best cleaning supply for mold remediation is trisodium phosphate (or TSP). TSP is available in powder foam. It is powerful cleaner, but it won't damage drywall or cause the paint to bleed.  and you can mix in buckets of water to clean your drywall. A soft scrub brush will give your plenty of power. Don't worry if you end up scrubbing some of the paint off during the cleaning process.

Preventing Further Mold Formation

One of the most important things when it comes to long term mold prevention is keeping your walls dry. You obviously want to start off by not painting or priming your recently cleaned drywall until it is completely dry. You want it not only to be dry to the touch, but also dry throughout the entire piece of drywall. So, it is better to be safe and let it dry out for a couple of days before priming. Priming is key when it comes to mold prevention. Primer is much more protective than normal wall paint. If your walls are primed and painted with a couple of coats, they will certainly be able to stand up to moisture.

While you cannot really prevent flooding and burst pipes, you can do your part to ensure your rooms get good air ventilation so mold is less likely to form. Contact companies like Authorized Services for professional help.