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Important Steps To Take During Industrial Boiler Failure

The boiler that you have in place in your industrial place of business likely serves several different functions. This is the piece of equipment that provides you with everything from hot water to pressurized steam and even heat for your facility. Therefore, when your industrial boiler goes down, it can be an all-out catastrophe, and if the situation is not properly handled, you may even have to shut down until repairs are made. So you are not left facing a shut down as your only option, here is a look at the steps you should take as soon as you are facing an industrial boiler failure. 

Shut down all equipment that is powered by the boiler immediately. 

As soon as you recognize that the boiler system is failing, it is necessary to shut down the power supply to the boiler, whether the unit is powered by gas or electricity. But immediately after that, you should also disconnect any equipment and machinery that relies on the boiler unit for power. If any residual steam or heat is being pushed through to the equipment at the improper air pressure or temperature, you could be facing even bigger problems than what you already are. 

Contact a boiler unit rental company for a temporary replacement.

It is true that you can rent industrial boilers for temporary power for your facility, but these units can be in such high demand that it is hard to find one at the last minute. Therefore, it is critical that you reach out to a boiler rental company to secure a replacement as soon as you realize there could be a failure. If your boiler unit manages to pull through the failure with minimal repairs necessary, you can always just cancel the rental or send it back. 

Reach out to an industrial boiler repair technician. 

Once you have shut down power to your boiler, disconnected the affected equipment, and secured a temporary rental boiler, then you should reach out to a technician for help. In most cases, a technician will be dispatched right away to diagnose the boiler and determine what measures will need to be taken for repairs. Because an industrial boiler unit can be so massive, it will typically require a crew of several people to tackle the repairs and the repairs can take some time to complete, especially if replacement parts have to be tracked down. 

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