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Precast Vs. Tile Bathtubs

Is it time to update your bath and shower basin? The obvious choice is to buy and install a precast fiberglass bathtub basin. These are what you will find at most home improvement stores. But, some people want something a little more unique and decorative. Custom tile showers are another alternative, but they are obviously way more expensive. Here are the most important things you should know about precast and tile bathtubs.

Precast Basins

Precast bathtubs are significantly more affordable, and they require very little maintenance. The fiberglass surface is powder coated with a finish that is fade and scratch resistant. Only after decades of owning and using a fiberglass bathtub will you need to worry about refinishing the surface. This happens more frequently if you actually take baths, and not just showers. Fiberglass is used on boat hulls, so it is highly waterproof, regardless of whether or not the paint finish rubs off. When it comes down to day to day cleaning, it just needs to be cleaned every few months with a soap scum remover.

The only real disadvantage of precast bathtubs is that there aren't many styles or colors available. Most are just beige or white.

Custom Tile Basins

Custom tile bathtub and shower basins are much more fun to design. The cost of the tile product and its installation is what deters most homeowners from installing a custom tile product. Others will he turned off by the extra maintenance needed to keep up the waterproof seal on the tile and grout lines. Tile maintenance is something that requires a watchful eye. The grout lines are the most important because they have wide pores where dirt and bacteria can infiltrate. Because of this, grout in a shower or bathtub needs to be resealed about once every two to four years.

Choosing between custom tiles and precast fiberglass basins is firstly a matter of budget. Obviously, if you can afford to invest in tile showers, it will give you a greater return on your investment in the long run. But, precast basins are slightly more functional and much cheaper, so they are the preferred choice for most homeowners. Either will be a welcome upgrade to an old bathroom that has not been updated in years. When you add in the new faucets, handles, showerheads, and hardware, you also have the functionality and water efficiency of a brand new shower.

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