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Four Kitchen Trends To Incorporate When You Remodel

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, it's important to see what is trending in kitchens. This way, you can be sure your new kitchen won't already be outdated by the time your kitchen remodeling service declares the project done. Here is a look at four current kitchen trends.

Minimalism Is In

The minimalist movement has been growing in popularity for some time, and it has likely not reached its peak yet. Many people are beginning to realize that amassing collections of things uses up not only money but time. These possessions require care. They need to be washed and dusted. They can also give a room a cluttered, old-fashioned look rather than clean, streamlined, and modern.

Kitchen cabinets are extending to the ceiling rather than leaving a display space that collects grease and grime. Scandinavian-style cabinets and drawers are also popular. They have flat fronts, other than possibly a slight indentation that substitutes for handles and drawer pulls. The overall effect is contemporary rather than traditional.  

Re-Think Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been popular for a decade or more now, and it will likely continue to be. However, appliance manufacturers are also bringing back color and "new" neutrals. Brightly-colored enamels, like red or turquoise, provide a pop of personality. Black, white, brown, and a dark graphite gray are also showing up, creating a less sterile and cozier feel.  

Another reason to re-think using stainless steel appliances is because copper and gold-toned hardware, cookware, utensils, lighting fixtures, and faucets are growing in popularity. You won't be able to take advantage of the new styles manufacturers are producing if you have a bunch of silver-colored appliances.

Integrate Technology

It seems just about everything can be a "smart" device now. You can get a kitchen faucet that turns on when it senses your hand, or a pot, are under it. This is great for those dirty jobs, like cleaning chicken that may have bacteria on it. Home automation is the way of the future, and features like being able to turn your lights on with the sound of your voice or set the coffee pot from your cellphone will continue to pave the way into home design.

Make Room For Fido

Your pets probably spend as much time in the kitchen as the rest of the family does. Between hoping delicious morsels get inadvertently dropped on the floor, visiting their own dishes of food and water, and simply wanting to be where the action is, your pets should have their own little niche. Ask your contractor to find a small space to carve out just for them.