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How To Protect The Kids In Your Daycare From Mold

If you operate a daycare, it's very important for you to watch out for mold infestations so that you can make sure that the children who are in your care are safe when they're in your facility. Some of the ways that you can help protect the kids in your daycare from mold have been listed below.

Have Your Facility Checked for Mold

There are different situations when having your facility checked for mold is a good idea. If you're relocating to a different building, it's not a bad idea to have mold testing done. Then, if there is mold present, you can work with a mold remediation company to get rid of the mold before you move in and start taking care of children. If your building has been flooded or if you otherwise suspect that there might be mold present, it's important to have the facility checked for mold again and to get rid of any mold that might be found during the test.

Have Leaks Taken Care of Immediately

The next thing that you can do to help protect daycare kids from mold is to make sure that leaks in the facility are taken care of right away. Plumbing leaks can happen, for example, or there might end up being a problem with the roof. In any situation in which there is a leak in the daycare building, having it repaired right away is essential. This helps both protect kids and staff members from mold and will help you prevent property damage in your facility.

Handle Humidity Properly

If your daycare is operated in a humid climate, it's important to make sure that the humidity is handled properly. For example, making sure that there is a ventilation system in the bathroom and in the daycare kitchen is important. Operating the air conditioning system during the summer will help with not only keeping the facility nice and cool for the children but also helping to combat the humidity in the air, which could otherwise lead to the growth of mold.

The kids in your daycare could be negatively affected by mold. However, if you follow the tips that have been listed above, you can help make sure that the children who are in your care are safe from mold. This is essential if you want to prevent children room from being sick or just plain exposed to unsafe conditions.