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How To Make Sure Your Entire House Is Waterproofed

Waterproofing is a very critical job for any house in the United States, especially those located in flood-prone areas. Many people don't realize how important waterproofing is until their homes are flooded, or perhaps even structurally unsafe. Some people also believe their houses have been properly waterproofed, only to realize the terrible truth when the next storm hits.

When it comes to waterproofing services, it's important to ensure that the job is not only done but also done the right way. This can save you from a lot of problems in the future.

Does the Waterproofing Include a Drainage System?

It's easy to focus on aspects of waterproofing such as epoxy paints, but these are, at best, temporary solutions. Depending on where your home is located, water may still be able to find its way in. The most important thing in such scenarios is for the water to have a way of exiting your basement.

This is why many professionals recommend that a drainage system be part of any modern waterproofing solution. Drainage system can be located both inside and outside your basement.

How Low is Your Home?

There are different types of basements, with some houses having none at all and others having very deep ones. How deep your basement is will determine how much basement waterproofing needs to be done. Water can find its way through your floors and also through any walls that are below ground level. If you have a deep basement, the waterproofing should consider both the floors and the walls.

Ensure your Roof is in Good Condition

When you're waterproofing the entire house, you can't forget about the roof. The problem with roof leaks is that the water can work its way quite easily to many parts of your house. It's important to ensure that your roof is at its best by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance.

Keep the Gutters Clean

You may not be able to waterproof every inch of your house, which is why the solution is often to channel the water away from these areas. Gutters play an important role in channeling water away from areas that are not waterproofed e.g. exterior walls. However, if the gutters are not cleaned and are allowed to bet clogged up, they won't be able to do their job as required. In such circumstances, there's no telling where the water will go or whether it will pool on your roof.

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