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What To Do After Finding Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage can really wreak havoc on a home. Even a slow leak that goes undetected for a long period of time can lead to major and costly damage, such as wood rot, mold, and damaged drywall or flooring. Hopefully, you'll never encounter serious water damage in your home. If you do, however, being educated on the steps you should take (and mistakes you should avoid) can help you get through the repair and restoration process as seamlessly as possible.

Have the Source of the Damage Repaired

Sometimes, the source of water damage is pretty obvious. A burst pipe, for example, will be hard to miss. In some cases, the source of water damage can be more difficult to pinpoint. For example, if you notice water damage on your ceiling, you can probably assume that the damage is from a leak in your roof. However, the actual location of the roof leak can be hard to track down, especially since water can travel quite a distance. The best way to determine the source of the leak and have it repaired is to call a professional, such as a roofer or plumber, for an assessment.

Call Your Home Insurance Agent

Next, it's time to report the incident to your home insurance agent if there is any chance it could be covered. Keep in mind that many home insurance policies include coverage for water damage caused by storm-related roofing leaks, burst pipes, and other sudden releases of water in your home. If your home has flooded or if the damage is from a slow leak that you've ignored for months, however, you may be out luck when it comes to your coverage.

Calling your home insurance agent as soon as possible will allow you to get started on filing a claim, which can expedite the entire process moving forward.

Obtain Estimates for Repairs and Restoration

Next, be sure to call a few water damage restoration companies to come out, assess the damage, and provide you with estimates for repairs. If you're filing an insurance claim, try to have your claim adjuster meet with the restoration company that you end up choosing so they can discuss the extent of the damage and how to move forward. From there, you can begin the process of having the water damaged dried out before having any repairs or restoration work done. Choosing the right damage restoration company will help you get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Reach out to a water damage repairman to learn more.