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Buying A Home With Clay Roofing Tiles? 4 Benefits You May Not Realize

When you're buying a home, it is always a good idea to give consideration to the type and condition of features and systems that homeowners most often need to maintain, repair, and replace. This is especially true for features and systems that tend to be most costly when replacement is necessary, such as the roof. Because clay roofs are less mainstream than those made with shingle and metal, buyers often want to learn as much as they can about them before they make their offer.

If you are currently interested in purchasing a home with a clay roof, you may not realize there are some important benefits, including those listed below. 

Clay tiles can last a long, long time

If the home you are considering has a clay roof in good condition that was correctly installed, its expected lifespan could be a half-century or more. Since most homeowners do not remain in the same home more than a few years, having a clay tile roof can mean that homeowners may never need to budget or plan for a new roof. 

In contrast, homeowners whose homes have shingled roofs often must replace the shingles after just a decade or two of usage.  

Clay tiles are a natural, eco-friendly material

Another important thing to know about clay tile roofing is that it is a natural product that can be fully recycled at the end of its usage or lifespan. Soils with high clay content are used as the raw material that is then formed and hardened into the correct shape. 

Clay tiles can also be be beneficial for homeowners who want to enjoy lower cooling bills because they are less likely to absorb and transfer heat into the structure below. 

Clay tiles are naturally fire resistant

As wildfires become more common across many areas, prospective home buyers may deliberately look for fire-resistant features during their home selection process. The hard surface of clay tiles can withstand high temperatures without damage, helping to prevent the home from igniting in a volatile wildfire situation. 

Additionally, the surface of clay tiles is also more likely to resist igniting when live embers or burning debris lands upon it during a wildfire situation. 

Clay tiles can be easily replaced 

Another reason for prospective buyers to view clay tile roofs as a benefit is that repairs can be made easily, without replacing the entire roof. If a clay tile becomes cracked or broken or goes missing, a replacement can be easily installed by a reputable roofing contractor who understands how to work with this type of roofing material. 

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